Welcome to North Jersey Country Club!

Guest Information

Please take care to observe the following Club policies to make your visit with us more enjoyable.

Cell Phone Policy

The use of cell phones is prohibited on Club property with the exception of the Men’s and Ladies' Locker Rooms, the Parking Lot, the Card Room, the Business Center, and the Pool Area (Cellphones are not permitted on the pool patio). If a call is received, the recipient must remove himself or herself from the dining areas and accept the call in the designated areas.

Dress Code

Clubhouse & Dining Attire

Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Pants must be worn at an appropriate level with a belt. Bermuda length shorts or slacks are permitted. Cargo pants are not allowed under any circumstances. "Tommy Bahama" style shirts may be worn outside of the pants while in the Clubhouse. Acceptable golf & tennis attire are allowed throughout the Clubhouse. Golf shoes are not permitted in the Lobby, Ballroom, Fairway Lounge, or Formal Dining Room. Please note the following clothing is generally prohibited in the Clubhouse: High-top Sneakers/Flip-Flops, Hats/Visors, Cargo Shorts/Pants, Jogging/Sweat Suits, Tee Shirts.

Golf Course Attire

Gentlemen must wear collared shirts or turtle necks. They may be long or short sleeves and must remain tucked in at all times. Bermuda length shorts or slacks. Cargo pants are not allowed under any circumstances. "Tommy Bahama" style shirts may be worn outside of the pants while in the Clubhouse. Ladies must wear appropriate golf shirts, dresses, skirts, split-skirts, Bermuda length shorts, capri pants and slacks. No brief skirts, brief shorts, or tank tops of any description are permitted. On the golf course, the brim of visors and hats must face forward at all times. All members and guests are required to change into and out of their golf attire in the locker rooms. The changing of shoes and/or attire by anyone in the parking lot is prohibited.

Tennis Attire

Clothing designed for tennis is required. It is suggested that if a guest needs to change into or out of tennis attire they do so in the Men's or Ladies' Locker Rooms and do not exit or enter through the main entrance.

Swimming Pool Attire

Bathing suits are permitted in the pool and terrace areas and are expected to be in good taste. If you are changing to bathing attire in the Clubhouse Men's or Ladies Locker Room, please do not exit through the main entrance.

Fireside Dining (Fri & Sat)

Jackets are required for all men (and boys over 16) on Friday and Saturday evening in the Fireside Dining Room. Shirts must be tucked in and pants must be worn at an appropriate level and with a belt. Sport hats and caps may not be worn.

Denim Policy

Denim is permitted in the Hobart Tavern and its outdoor Patio at all times. Guests wearing jeans should enter through the Sports entrance and avoid the Lobby, Main Hallway, Ballroom and Fairway Lounge. Jeans are not permitted in any other indoor or outside area except for the Hobart Tavern, except on Sundays after 4 pm, when jeans are allowed anywhere in the Clubhouse.

Pace of Play

North Jersey Country Club has a long standing tradition of completing rounds of golf in under 4 hours 10 minutes. Members are responsible for ensuring that rounds of golf are completed in a timely manner.

Member-Sponsored Parties & Events

The Member sponsoring a party or event is fully responsible and accountable for guests' conduct and upholding the dress code policy.

Play Etiquette

It is expected that all players, at regular intervals, check the position of their group with respect to the foursome ahead of you. Courtesy requires that slower players allow others to play through. We ask that all players ensure that divots are replaced, sand traps are raked, all ball marks on the greens are properly repaired and carts are operated in a manner complying with Club policy. Members are expected to advise their guests of all Club Rules and it is the responsibility of the Member to assure that all guests comply with Club Rules as well as Play Etiquette.