North Jersey Country Club - a family club since 1895.


Society and culture has changed over the years and North Jersey Country Club has changed with it, but one tradition has remained constant, the tradition of friendship, which is the foundation for which North Jersey Country Club’s Membership is based.

The Club is an extension of our Members’ homes where they, and their guests, are welcomed graciously by our accommodating staff.

Membership at North Jersey Country Club is exciting, relaxing, entertaining and comfortably satisfying. Immerse yourself in the culture that’s been in the making for over a century. From the grandeur of our magnificent clubhouse to the rolling greens of our lush golf course, from the aroma emanating from our dining rooms to that refreshing first jump in the pool, from the fist pumping elation of playing your best round yet to the satisfaction of knowing you belong amongst these wonderful people you’ve come to call friends – North Jersey Country Club helps create special moments every single day.

Explore Membership in North Jersey Country Club’s community of friendship – it’s a true family experience.

Chelsea Creo